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Graciela Rodo Boulanger

“Picasson once said that he had spent his whole life in learning how to draw like a child and many other artists have shared his sentiment — Graciela Rodo Boulanger seems always to have known how to draw like a child…but there are connections within this artists imagination and feeling that speak a language of which no child is capable.”

Born in La Paz, Bolivia 1935, Graciela Rodo prepared for two careers, music and painting. She studied piano while attending the School of Fine Arts in La Paz and later in Santiageo, Chile. The quality of her talent led her to Vienna, where she pursued her studies at the Vienna School of Fine Arts. The first exhibition of her paintings was held in Potosi, Bolivia, in 1951. This was followed by exhibitions and graphics in Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, La Paz and Buenos Aires. Her first Paris exhibition was in 1961, her first in New York in 1967. She has also participated in a number of group shows in North and South America and Europe. Her works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern art in La Paz, Modern Art Center in Zurich, Gallery H in Buenos Aires and Juliana Larrson Gallery in Bayreuth. She has lived in Paris since 1962.

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Graciela Rodo Boulanger

“Picasson sa en gång att han hade tillbringat hela sitt liv med att försöka lära sig att rita som ett barn och många andra konstnärer har delat hans uppfattning – Graciela Rodo Boulanger verkar alltid ha vetat hur man ritar som ett barn … men det finns kopplingar inom denna konstnärs fantasi och känslor av att tala ett språk som inget barn kan. ”

Född i La Paz, Bolivia 1935, Graciela Rodo förberedde för två karriärer, musik och måleri. Konsten tog över och hon fortsatte studera vid School of Fine Arts i La Paz och senare i Santiageo, Chile. Kvaliteten på hennes talang ledde henne till Wien, där hon fortsatte sina studier i Wien School of Fine Arts. Den första utställningen av hennes målningar hölls i Potosi, Bolivia, 1951. Detta följdes av utställningar i Wien, Salzburg, Zurich, La Paz och Buenos Aires. Hennes första Paris utställning var 1961, hennes första i New York 1967. Hon har även medverkat i ett flertal grupputställningar i Nord-och Sydamerika samt Europa. Hennes verk finns i de permanenta samlingarna på Museum of Modern Art i La Paz, Modern Art Center i Zürich, Galleri H i Buenos Aires och Juliana Larrson Gallery i Bayreuth. Hon har bott i Paris sedan 1962.

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Pablo Picasso

Picasso was born the 25 of oktober in 1881 in Málaga, Andalusien.
His first words in life was, “piz”. According to Picassos mother he was trying to say, “lápiz”, wich means “pencil” in spanish.

Picasso was not a decent scholar. He regularly needed to go to confinement. This is what he said in regards to it.

“For being a terrible understudy I was exiled to the “calaboose” – an uncovered cell with whitewashed dividers and a seat to sit on. I enjoyed it there, on the grounds that I took along a portrayal cushion and drew relentlessly … I could have stayed there always drawing without stopping. ”

At the age of nine, Picasso completed his first painting named, Le picador. It demonstrates a man on a steed at a bullfight. When he began painting, he utilized a practical style. He started to try different things with diverse systems and styles. When he was 13, he was confessed to the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. When he was 16, Picasso’s father and uncle chose to send him to Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando. This was Spain’s top craft school. He didn’t prefer formal guideline and soon quit going to classes. He adored Madrid and delighted in heading off to The Prado storehouse to see canvases by acclaimed Spanish painters. He especially liked El Greco’s work.

In 1900, Picasso went to Paris. He met Max Jacob, a columnist and artist. Max helped Picasso figure out how to talk French. He additionally met a hefty portion of the well known craftsmen who existed in Paris. In 1905, American craftsmanship authorities Leo and Gertrude Stein started to gather his work and served to make him popular.

He and Georges Braque designed Cubism, a manifestation of composition that offered basic geometric shapes. He is additionally known for making montages – sticking formerly pointless things together with pictures. He made oil sketches, model, drawings, stage outlines, woven artworks, floor coverings, etchings, composition, and structural engineering. No other painter or stone worker was as celebrated while he was still alive. It is assessed that Picasso created no less than 50,000 centerpieces: 1,885 canvases; 1,228 figures; 2,880 earthenware production, around 12,000 drawings, numerous many prints, and various embroidered works of art and mats. He likewise composed plays and verse. He got extremely affluent.

Some of his renowned sketches include: The Old Guitarist; Asleep and Seated Woman, which depict Marie-Therese Walter, one of the ladies he adored; Guernica, a painting about the Spanish Civil War; and Three Musicians.

Picasso adored numerous ladies. He wedded two of them, Olga Khokhlova and Jacqueline Roque. He had four kids: Paulo, Maya, Claude and Paloma, who is popular for her adornments plans. He passed on April 8, 1973 in Moug.
Together with Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol he is the most important painter during the 20th century.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso föddes den 25 oktober 1881 i Málaga, Andalusien.
Hans första ord i livet var, “piz”. Enligt Picassos mor försökte han säga, “lápiz”, vilket betyder “penna” på spanska.

Picasso var inte en särskilt ordentlig elev. Han fick ofta sitta kvar i något som kallades “Calaboose” – ett cellliknande rum med vita väggar och bara en bänk att sitta på. Men han hade inget emot det då han alltid hade med sig ett skectchblock där han skissade på nya målningar.

Vid nio års ålder hade Picasso avslutat sin första målning med namnet, “Le Picador”. Den visade en man på en häst vid en tjurfäktning. Han provade sig fram med olika stilar. När han hade fyllt tretton år kom han in på School of fine Arts i Barcelona. Efter tre år där valde hans far att skicka honom till Madrid Akademien som låg i San Fernando. Det var en av Spaniens mest erkända konstskola.

År 1900 begav sig Picasso till Paris. Där träffade han Max Jacob, en krönikör och konstnär. Max hjälpte Picasso att lära sig franska. Efter ca 5 år i Paris började han att utforska kubismen tillsammans med Georges Braque. Picassos framgång kom redan medans han levde och han blev väldigt hyllad för mycket av sitt arbete. Det kunde vara målningar, vävda konstverk, oljeskisser, scen konturer samt etsningar.
Inte någon annan målare har nog blivit så hyllad som Picasso blev under sin livstid.

Picasso hann även med att älska många kvinnor varav han var gift med två av dem. Olga Khokhlova och Jacqueline Roque. Han fick fyra barn, Den 8 april 1973 gick Picasso ur tiden och efterlämnade sig ett ofattbar konstskatt.
Tillsammans med Henri Matisse och Andy Warhol blev Picasso en av de viktigaste konstnärerna under 1900-talet.

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David Lee – young natural born artist

Born in the Canton Province of China, by age eight, this young natural born artist had already exhibited his considerable skill. His family relocated to Hong Kong where Lee learned under private tutelage. At first David Lee was advised by his father to enter the field of medicine and being the respectful son, he majored in medical studies for three years even if he’d an insatiable passion to paint. His professional profession as being an artist started while he struck a bargain along with dad – if he could win the prestigious Chinese National Painting Competition, his father would respect his desires. He won the competition within the remarkable ages of 22 and is looked at as the main artist in China.

He attended the Unviersity of Taiwan where he enhanced his brush technique, and first began to proof his distinctiv, stylistic technique. Lee achieved countrywide popularity with his first One Man Show, represented by the well-known National Taiwan University. Later on, he had 40 One Man Shows and Group Shows all over the Globe.
In 1969 he was honored 1st prize in China despite the competition of China’s ranking artists. His works are accumulated and hanging in over 40 Galleries, Universities,, and Many Private Collections

A naturalist, Lee is best recognized for his sensitive portrayal of fish, birds, blooms and all all-natural subjects. David Lee’s works of art are hard to categorize. He’s an expert of technique mixing Eastern and Western practices harmoniously with nature. His luminous, perspective images are immediately identifiable and he is undoubtedly one of the world’s preferred artists.



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