David Lee – young natural born artist

Born in the Canton Province of China, by age eight, this young natural born artist had already exhibited his considerable skill. His family relocated to Hong Kong where Lee learned under private tutelage. At first David Lee was advised by his father to enter the field of medicine and being the respectful son, he majored in medical studies for three years even if he’d an insatiable passion to paint. His professional profession as being an artist started while he struck a bargain along with dad – if he could win the prestigious Chinese National Painting Competition, his father would respect his desires. He won the competition within the remarkable ages of 22 and is looked at as the main artist in China.

He attended the Unviersity of Taiwan where he enhanced his brush technique, and first began to proof his distinctiv, stylistic technique. Lee achieved countrywide popularity with his first One Man Show, represented by the well-known National Taiwan University. Later on, he had 40 One Man Shows and Group Shows all over the Globe.
In 1969 he was honored 1st prize in China despite the competition of China’s ranking artists. His works are accumulated and hanging in over 40 Galleries, Universities,, and Many Private Collections

A naturalist, Lee is best recognized for his sensitive portrayal of fish, birds, blooms and all all-natural subjects. David Lee’s works of art are hard to categorize. He’s an expert of technique mixing Eastern and Western practices harmoniously with nature. His luminous, perspective images are immediately identifiable and he is undoubtedly one of the world’s preferred artists.



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